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Each of these sentences makes you curious to read on. Your first sentence has two purposes. First, get people to read your first sentence—a short sentence works better because it's easy to read. Then, make sure they want to read your second sentence. The worst opening line Like a 100-meter sprinter, your sentences should start strong and finish even stronger. Use a Variety of Words and Constructions to Start Your Sentences Some writers start the majority of their.. Also can start a sentence and link it with a previous one to express addition. Starting a sentence with also is very common in writing. Also at the beginning of a sentence examples: Can you start a sentence with also? Example 1 below is used in a paragraph about the importance of learning English People often begin spoken sentences with a verb, particularly imperative sentences, such as Join a gym if you want to be healthy, and interrogatives, such as Do you know where the stapler is It's perfectly acceptable to begin a sentence with 'And,' as well as the other words that we are often taught to avoid such as 'but' or 'or.' Writing samples tracing back to the 9th century, including Bible translations, break these 'sacred' rules, which stem from attempts to curb school children from stringing too many unrelated sentences together

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  1. According to a usage note in the fourth edition of The American Heritage Dictionary, But may be used to begin a sentence at all levels of style. And in The King's English, Kingsley Amis says that the idea that and must not begin a sentence or even a paragraph, is an empty superstition. The same goes for but. Indeed either word can give unimprovably early warning of the sort of thing that is to follow
  2. Starting a sentence with a conjunction has long been a point of contention. Many of us have grown up with this grammatical style strongly enforced by our teachers. However, it might not be as wrong as we think. Recently, there has been a resurgence in its use with some likening it to um, and like, due to its overuse in writing
  3. Many writers struggle with knowing whether a sentence can be started with the word or. For most of us, starting a sentence with a conjunction was always a big no-no when it came to high-school English classes. But in fact, we can use a conjunction such as or, but, so etc. to start a sentence, we just have to be careful when doing so
  4. Just because it is used to link two sentences together does not/ should not prevent anyone from starting a sentence with the word. In my opinion, it only further complicates the piece you attempt to write. Maybe even leading to run-on sentences or just plain confusion from you or your readers. So, you can indeed begin sentences with words such as and, but, and or
  5. Although our subscriber asked specifically about starting sentences with and or but, any of the seven coordinating conjunctions may start a sentence. Coordinating conjunctions join words, phrases, and clauses that are balanced as logical equals: Mary and I went to the meeting. [joins two subjects

A propositional phrase lets us know where the subject of the sentence is in time or space, or what the relationship is between two entities. They can be easily to add to the start of a sentence, e.g. 'From across the street, I saw the hooded figure', 'After breakfast, I got dressed in my finest dinosaur costume and headed to work' I see sentences starting with -ing words all the time. Gerunds are often used at the beginning of a sentence, like Fishing is my favorite sport or Seeing is believing. Rewording sentences like that to avoid starting with an -ing word would result in pretty awkward flow. And writers do want to vary sentence structure Story Starter Sentences— One of the most difficult parts of creative writing is actually getting a new piece started. It's not always easy to come up with fresh ideas to hone your story writing skills and before you know it, you can waste 30 minutes looking at a blank piece of paper

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The rule is that you can't start a sentence with because as it should only be used to join the main clause with a dependent clause. Otherwise, you end up with a fragmented sentence. Exception: When you flip the order of your clauses and put a comma between them, your sentence will start with because and still be correct. In conversational English, fragmented sentences tend to be. The first couple of sentences of your cover letter are the most important ones. Recruiters and hiring managers often spend mere seconds scanning your application. 1  If your cover letter doesn't grab their attention right away, they may never even get as far as the second page. What should these all-important first sentences say Starting a sentence with yet, and, but or so, falls into the same category. Beginning a sentence with a coordinating conjunction Using conjunctions at the commencement of a sentence has been around in English for over a thousand years. Well, maybe less, maybe more There is nothing wrong with starting sentences with and, but, or other similar conjunctions. You may, however, encounter people who mistakenly believe that starting a sentence with a conjunction is an error, so consider your audience when deciding to structure your sentences this way. Consider the example below

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You're starting a sentence with and, and your detail-oriented friend suddenly erupts with Pssh! You can't start a sentence with a conjunction! Strange. You weren't aware starting sentences with conjunctions was verboten. Even your English teacher did it. So, it must be okay, you argue. Nope. It's not correct, your friend insists All three sentences in this paragraph start with with. As in the previous example, convert the introductory subordinate clause in the first sentence into a main clause, and insert a conjunction to change the main clause to a subordinate one: Almost one in three residents lives below the poverty line, so the business of mass incarceration has had mixed effects on the community for twenty.

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Rather than start the sentence condescendingly, I think a better way would be to tentatively suggest the subject. Hopefully let the listener or reader draw a positive conclusion. 1 Like . felgall. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit starting sentence - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen If starting a paragraph or sentence with 'that' then the meaning must be intended as an indication for the reader to collect several points explained across possibly multiple paragraphs. So to prepare for how the collection of notions or facts is to be handled across several coming sentences. Or to change how they would otherwise be handled without such elaboration. I need to report specific.

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