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There is some independent safety testing of cycle helmets, but these things are obviously harder to test outside of the lab, where there are so many variables at play. On balance, these extra. This means that the helmet has passed a number of tests that look at helmet's construction, field of vision, impact absorption, retention system, chin strap and buckle. In order to ride in races.

A helmet gets more stars if the testing indicates it does a better job of reducing injury. Virginia Tech only recommends helmets that receive four or five stars. Outside of CPSC and VT's STAR, most.. Ensuring you choose the best road bike helmet will vastly transform your cycling experience. First of all, there are various helmet types that are tailored to different types of ride. Some are.. Our bicycle helmet impact tests evaluate a helmet's ability to reduce linear acceleration and rotational velocity of the head resulting from a range of impacts a cyclist might experience. Helmets with more stars provide a reduction in concussion risk for these impacts compared to helmets with less stars Helmet vs helmet lab testing typically uses only one standardized dummy 'test head' while actual human head shapes vary significantly. Lab testing has also shown that head protection is optimal only if the helmet fit/adjustment is optimal. Reply. Dave Minden says. October 1, 2020 at 9:26 am. I have a Smith helmet with Koroyd, a mid-priced model. What I love about it is the airflow of the. Virginia Tech's testing of helmets is unique in that it provides an objective, independent measure of helmet safety. Since 2018, when the testing began, 99 models of helmets from across the..

To pass mandatory CEN and CPSC certification for sale in the EU or USA, helmets must pass safety standards tests for these areas: - Shock absorption during impact (s) - D isplacement, or 'roll-off' - F astening system durabilit For a pair of cheap road cycling shoes to accompany your new helmet, see our guide here. The nine best budget cycling helmets DHB R2.0 Road Helmet. Buy now from Wiggle for £44. To find a dhb. A Swedish lab has tested 27 cycling helmets, including 23 available in the UK, and concluded that those that offer protection from rotational injuries are the safest on the market. Such technology.. The testing to certify a helmet to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's standard for bicycle helmets can be described in six steps. 1. Samples required The lab must procure samples of the helmet model. Full compliance testing requires 16 samples. The lab also needs a number from the manufacturer called the Helmet Positioning Index (HPI). It specifies the measurement to place the helmet. Safety testing for helmets is done on crash test dummies, with the helmets cinched down much more tightly than they will be on your head. This means that having a proper fitting lid is essential for getting the maximum amount of protection for your head. While fit will vary from person to person, some brands tend to fit certain head shapes better, and some helmets offer a better system of adjustment, allowing for a good fit with a broader range of head sizes and shapes

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To test road bike helmets, we enlisted the help of Nick Bruckbauer and Ryan Baham. Nick likes to spend his weekends grinding away in the mountains above Santa Barbara, CA, and Ryan is an avid road east-coast road cyclist who regularly ticks off 100+ mile rides. After selecting the top-performing products on the market, we put our lineup of helmets through the wringer. We poked, prodded, and. Helme Abus Tec-Tical Pro v.2 Helm - Test. Ein Helm zählt zu den persönlicheren Dingen im Radsport und hängt stark von der persönlichen Kopfform ab. Der Abus Tec-Tical Pro v.2 sorgt dank seines.. As editors of Bicycling, we test a lot of road bike helmets—and these are our picks for the best of 201

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  1. A ponytail can alter your fit, so make sure to test a helmet wearing the same hairstyle you ride with. 4. To test that a buckled chin strap is tight enough, open your mouth halfway; the helmet should press down on the top of your head as you do. 5
  2. All helmets in this test will have passed the relevant regional industry-required standards, however, others go beyond the call of duty by utilising technological innovations such as MIPS (Multi.
  3. Swedish insurance company Folksam oversaw a test of 27 popular helmets for safety. Four of the top-ranked helmets are available for consumers in the United States
  4. Here at Cycling Weekly, we test a lot of helmets for road cycling, plenty of which are priced over £200 /$250, so we can spot a well-made helmet with good features that won't break the bank.
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Die MET Helme sind für all diejenigen gemacht, die gern Zeit im Sattel verbringen, sei es auf Asphalt oder auf Schotterpisten Our test choice included a deep range of styles & designs, including best cheap bike helmet targeted at road cycling, mountain biking, commuting, & Multi-Discipline use to assure that you search the Best Budget Bike Helmet for your wants How we test. All mountain bike helmets pass the current CE test so we're taken it as read that they'll work if you clonk your head on a passing tree. However, there's currently no test for fit, venting or adjustability, which is why we've focused on these things when testing. To test the fit, we measured the shape of each one but that doesn't reveal any hot spots, which is why we did.

Im Test erweisen sich die Jethelme als sehr zuverlässig, auch ohne Kinnschutz. Sie erfüllen die gesetzlichen Bestimmungen und gelten deshalb im Sinne der ECE 22 05 als Schutzhelme. Um die Helme direkt zu vergleichen und den Sitz zu testen, ist es wichtig, sie zur Probe aufzusetzen. Um die optimale Passform zu finden, gibt es eine Faustregel Virginia Tech's testing uses the standard tool used to test cycling helmets, which is a drop tower. The cycling helmet gets droppeds the down a slider and lands it on a steel anvil covered with coarse sandpaper, which they say helps to better simulate real-life road conditions

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10 best cycling helmets: Stay safe on the road whether you're commuting or racing. We've tried and tested the best protective models that are perfect for any riding occasion . Aaron Roe. Downhill/BMX Helmets. BMX and downhill cycling does extreme stunts or goes over complex obstacles. Or, some try different jumps. All going at a fast and furious speed. For this type of cycling, the helmets look like a motorcycle helmet but are lighter. The helmets have full face protection, which includes the chin since falls can be unpredictable. Safety and Standards. Safety standards for. Which aero helmet is the fastest? We aero test the Met Trenta, Specialized Evade II, Giro Vanquish, Lazer Bullet and Bontrager Ballista to find out which is. Halldin explained how a MIPS helmet can reduce the risk of rotational injury, which tends to occur more frequently during cycling falls. Prior to this type of technology, many bike helmets were.

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All cycling helmets will have some type of retention system to fully secure the helmet so in case of impact it stays on your head. There are two parts to a retention system . Chin Strap. The chin strap that connects to both sides of the bicycle helmet and wraps under your chin. It should not be too loose that it could slip over your chin but you obviously don't want it choking you. It should. Helmets were subjected to five tests, including a shock absorption test (dropped from a height of 1.5m, with two different impact points tested) and three oblique angle tests, where the helmets. E-Bike-Helme können im Ernstfall Leben retten. Dennoch sollte nicht irgendein Helm gekauft werden. Achten Sie im Test auf verschiedene Attribute, die Ihr Helm vorweisen können soll. Einige Kriterien sind für den E-Bike-Helm sogar unerlässlich. Welche das sind, erfahren Sie im Folgenden. Das Design. Das Design mag für viele ein ausschlaggebendes Kriterium bei der Wahl eines E-Bike-Helms sein Thankfully, third-party cycling helmet testing has begun, and as that continues to expand in scope, objective safety data hopefully become a key element of product design and marketing in the. Any bike helmet bought in the US is required to pass a series of safety tests. Problem is, those tests have limits that make them irrelevant to many real-life bike crashes. For instance, to earn.

Sie wünschen sich die ultimative Performance, großartigen Komfort und Sitz, sowie optimalen Schutz? Erleben Sie die Cycling Helme von Bollé für die Straße, die Stadt oder das Mountain Bike Road Helmets MTB Helmets Kids Helmets Bike Helmet Guide Arguably the most important piece of cycling kit you can own; the cycle helmet is essential to protect your head in the event of a collision. We have a range of quality road helmets, mountain bike helmets, children's helmets and all purpose cycling helmets from top brands such as Specialized, Giant, Kask, Bontrager and more Test 2015: Profi-Helme für Rennradfahrer 12 Top-Helme zwischen 100 und 250 Euro im Test Es ist für viele Sportler faszinierend, dass sie vielfach das gleiche Material nutzen können wie die Profis der Tour de France - Helme zum Beispiel LIVALL MT1 Smart Helmet, Cycling Mountain Bluetooth Helmet, Sides -Built-in Mic, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Turn Signals Tail Lights Setting, SOS Livall MT1 Fahrradhelm Schwarz 58-62 Livall BH51M Smart Bluetooth Livall BH 51 M/BR 80 Fahrradhelm Schwarz 55-61 Livall BH 62 Fahrradhelm Schwarz 55-61; Fahrradhelm Test & Testsieger 202

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Ultimately for a helmet, if it doesn't fit well and isn't comfortable, it is debated if safety is worth anything if it doesn't fit your head well. The new Troy Lee Designs A3 helmet. While brands are wary to make safety claims for legal reasons, instead relying on laboratory tests and certifications—the upper echelon of cycling helmets meet and exceed these required. It tests helmets dropped on their front, rear, side, and crown at the same force as the CPSC test. Unfortunately, it had only tested one aero road helmet when I last looked. CR did test the performance of several MIPS system or Multi-directional Impact Protection System helmets. The theory behind MIPS is to have an inside liner stay with your head while the rest of the helmet slides or rotates.

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Virginia Tech tests rate 86 cycling helmets, anti-rotational tech shows worth 9 December, 2019 Mark Sutton 3715 Views A study by U.S. institution Virginia Tech has carried out an impartial study of 86 of the market's top cycling helmets; judging each for ability to reduce linear acceleration, rotational velocity and impact How bike helmets are tested First of all, the test area is outlined. This determines which parts of the helmet need to be tested for impacts. Each... Next, the helmets are conditioned. Multiple helmets of the same model are used. Each is tested at different temperatures... Then the helmet is. Key to Crash Test Results The more stars, the better a helmet performed in protecting the wearer from injury in a crash - out of 5. 1 star = Meets AS/NZ 1698 or UNECE 22.05, 2 stars = Average, 3 stars = Above average, 4 stars = Good, 5 stars = Excellen

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  1. Discover KASK Cycling Helmets Catalogue. Kask Helmets are for use across all disciplines: road, mountain bike, triathlon, track, cyclocross, commuting and urban. KASK is proud of its sponsorship and development with many leading teams and athletes
  2. e the safety of some of the top selling helmets on the market, the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab created the first ever helmet safety rating system. This system would help to discover the best bike helmets of 2020 for their safety and impact ratings
  3. The understanding and development of cycling aerodynamics, Sports Engineering, 59-74. [Accessed: 18 th December 2019] [5] Sidelko S (2007) Benchmark of aerodynamic cycling helmets using a refined wind tunnel test protocol for helmet drag research. PhD thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology [Accessed: 18 th December 2019
  4. Shop all men's bike helmets on Giro.com. See our huge selection of cycling helmets for men. Free shipping
  5. Cycling Helmets. Wearing a safe and secure cycling helmet is highly recommended for all types of cyclists on all occasions. There are many different styles and designs to choose from depending on your requirements, and prices vary based on technical specification and design. Generally, the more expensive models have additional features like extra ventilation and dial adjustment, which can be.
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Wir benachrichtigen Sie kostenlos bei neuen Tests zum Thema Cratoni Helme. Testsieger der Fachmagazine Aktuelle Cratoni Fahrradhelme Testsieger. Cratoni Akino. Stiftung Warentest. Erschienen: Mai 2016. Cratoni C-Breeze. RennRad. Erschienen: August 2014. Cratoni Evolution Light. ElektroRad . Erschienen: Juli 2013. Cratoni Miuro. Radfahren. Erschienen: März 2013. Cratoni Evolution. RADtouren. Any helmet having been certified by recognized testing laboratories as defined by the certifying authority as meeting the applicable performance standards for motorcycle helmets intended for use. After testing dozens of helmets, we settled on six that are worth the investment. At the end of this guide, we've also included some tips on how to shop for a bike helmet , as well as insight into. Helme. Helme. Specialized verwendet Cookies, um den bestmöglichen Service zu gewährleisten, die Website stetig zu verbessern, dir Information basierend auf deinen Interessen zu liefern und die Interaktion mit sozialen Medien zu ermöglichen. Mit der Nutzung unserer Dienste erklärst du dich damit einverstanden, dass wir Cookies verwenden. Ich stimme zu Mehr erfahren. Penta Helmet is a group of cycling specialists that focuses on lightweight and comfortable helmets. Destroying more helmets in testing. Pouring our years, our hearts, our sweat, into one insole, one visor, one helmet at a time

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GIRO Bike Helme für Herren im GIRO Online Shop Große Auswahl Kostenloser Versand & Rückversand innerhalb von Deutschland PayPal oder Kreditkarte With a wide range of Bicycle Helmet types & designs catering to all cycling categories, Bell Helmets is a world leader in cycling helmet design & technology Dazu werden die Helme auf einen Dummy mit Heizkopf positioniert, die Mess­geschwindigkeit des Luftstroms beträgt 45 km/h. Die benötigte Leistung, um den Testkopf auf Temperatur zu halten, gibt Aufschluss über die Belüftung des Helms. Als Referenz dienten der spezielle Zeitfahrhelm Oakley ARO7 und der Aero-Straßenhelm Specialized Evade. Im Vergleich kühlt der Abus-Helm doppelt so gut wie. uvex bike helmets and eyewear A uvex bike helmet is the right companion on any ride. At any time. In slow-moving traffic. On fast roads. Day and night. Be seen and stay safe. Beyond your city's limits. Velodrome, trail, or singletrack. With smart designs, superior ventilation, and unbeatable protection. For exceptional protection, 24/ 7, 365 days of the year - uvex is the go-to choice.

Choose from our huge selection of men's road cycling helmets with advanced protection at Giro.com. See what's new in road cycling helmets for men Road Cycling Helmets. View: Road helmets are suitable for every rider, from the amateur weekend warrior all the way through to the professional racer. Generally optimised for performance, they are specifically designed with aerodynamic, ventilation and weight considerations in mind. With a huge selection of road helmets for sale, check out the BikeExchange guide to helmet selection and other. Kali Protectives is an award-winning, rider owned company with technology driven head and body protection for bike, motorsports and snow A bicycle helmet is essential when riding a bike. No matter if you are a road cyclist, mountain biker, urban cyclist or e-biker These cycling helmets had the same high quality features that LAS wanted to grant to its products and in fact they became soon a benchmark in the professional cycling world gaining great victories with riders who made the history of this sport. Created, designed and Made in Italy . Our design and quality ''Made in Italy'' create a LAS helmets unique and iconic in cycling world.

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All of the standards discussed here require the helmet to pass a lab test where it is placed on an instrumented headform, turned upside down and dropped for a measured distance onto an anvil. The anvil can be flat, round (hemispheric) or another shape like a curbstone, a skate blade or a horse's hoof. Drop distances vary but are generally between one and two meters (3.3 to 6.6 feet). For the. AS/NZS 2063: The Australian and New Zealand Certification St. Maximise your safety on the bike, while remaining comfortable so you can fully focus on your performance and enjoy your ride, by choosing the right cycling helmet

However, the sensors were not plugged in - the real test was that half the participants had the eye tracker fitted to a baseball cap, the other half to a bike helmet. Over dozens of games, those. Sneak peak our new helmets, protective gear and goggles. Available to shop soon. explore now We're all about creating the best protection possible. Protective Gear that constantly raises the bar in terms of style, comfort, design, technology and, above all, safety. Designed in Switzerland. TSG - technical safety gear for riders by riders Follow us. ridetsg. 183 0. Open. 861 11. Open. 913 7. llll AKTUELLE TOP 10: Damen Fahrradhelme Test bzw. Vergleich 2021: Das Beste von Uvex, Fischer, Alpina, Melon, Skullcap Helmets usw. Jetzt Damen Fahrradhelme Test ansehen & günstig online bestellen Cycling (active) Horse riding; about us; Dealer log-in ; EN. DE. Pure Head Protection Made In Germany. There can be no doubt that the helmet is by far the most important part of a cyclist's equipment. Reason enough to concentrate on one central task: developing and producing optimal head protection systems. Our trading partners also benefit from the location's logistical advantages and the.

Seit 1888 entwirft Bollé Sonnenbrillen, Schutzbrillen und Helme, indem Leistung und Innovation in den Mittelpunkt der Produkte gestellt werden Helmets for cycling are one thing where Trading Standards Officers have been keen to root out any dubious products, even though there is no law specifically prohibiting the sale of helmets that don't conform to any standard. So you can be sure that any cycling helmet in the shops will at least claim to meet a reputable standard, probably BSEN1078. The EN bit signifies a European standard (or.

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Another key safety feature to look for in a lid is the CPSC sticker. CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission, and they conduct rigorous testing on many consumer products to ensure our safety. When it comes to helmets, it's legally required for them to pass CPSC testing, so don't buy or wear one without the CPSC sticker on it A combination of technology, unparalleled comfort, lightness, aerodynamics, ventilation and superior protection. Cairbull helmets are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and technology and certified worldwide in accordance with the strictest safety standards After conducting more than 31,000 tests, and moreover being validated and confirmed by third party testing, we know that the MIPS BPS adds protection at certain types of impacts. Industry leader Established in the world of science with over 20 years of research, the first MIPS-equipped helmet was launched on the market in 2007 What are the best women's cycling helmet brands? Bell, Giro and POC are all high end cycling helmets that spend millions of pounds testing their products. Should I buy one of these brands? Yes, do not buy any non-branded helmets on Amazon. Many are Chinese imports that are not adequately tested. What are MIPS helmets? MIPS stands for multi-directional impact protection system. MIPS helmets. Find the right bike helmet that fits your budget and needs. See Our Top Picks! Time to step up your cycling look

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Currently, all helmets pass the same safety standards. Those standards may technically be AS/NZS 2063, EN 1078 or F1952-15 depending on where you are in the world. But every helmet sold in the same place must pass the same tests. So, short of purchasing your own testing lab, it's not easy to tell them apart when it comes to the protection offered. Likely they all provide something similar, with more cash not equalling more protection Rennradhelm Test 2021 • Die 6 besten Rennradhelme im Vergleich. RTL Online. In Kooperation mit. TÜV-zertifizierte Vergleichs- und Testverfahren nach ISO 9001. Suche. RTL Online. Suche. Home. Bontrager claims the technology is 48 times more effective in preventing concussions than a traditional EPS helmet in a test they deemed was representational of a common cycling crash. In that. Best buy: Best road bike helmet uk Test & Advice; Top20 Road cycling helmet best Forums Ratings; Top9 Sneak peek: Poc unveils new glasses, plus new Top10 Road bike helmet test Customer Ratings; Benchmark: Road bike helmet specialized Complete Test; Précédent. Top15 Kask helmet aliexpress Where to buy ? Suivant. Top9 POC unveils new Do Half Blade cycling sunglasses Avis & Prices. Garmin.

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Other cycling helmet standards still exist, but now U.S. consumers are guaranteed a common performance threshold with any bike helmet purchased in the United States. CPSC is also accepted in Canada, China, Taiwan, Japan and Brazil. CPSC subjects helmets to slightly greater impacts than both EN-1078 and AS/NZ standards. Sometimes you'll hear about CPSC 1203, the 1203 here simply denotes. Mit den vier aerodynamischsten Helmen dieses Tests - den Modellen von Scott, Ekoi, Specialized und Giro - lassen sich rund zehn Watt bei einem 45er Schnitt einsparen. Das ist viel. Das ist viel

After the loss of her friend in a cycling-related accident, Gloria decided that something needs to change. She collaborated with her friends and started Thousand Helmets - a company that makes helmets that you actually want to wear. In 2015, Thousand was first funded through Kickstarter. They received $229,000, which was way beyond their modest $20,000 goal. It just goes to show that the. This test involves a series of controlled impacts where a helmet is positioned on a metal head form and then dropped in a guided fall onto various steel test anvils (Flat, Hemisphere, Kurbstone, Roll bar, Edge or a Horseshoe type) which simulate different impact surfaces. The head forms are instrumented with an accelerometer to measure peak G force or acceleration which is measured in Gravitational units. The impact energy (drop height and mass), or how hard the helmets are impacted is. Snell Standards Certification Program Testing Procedures Certified Helmets Where to Buy. The Foundation About Contact Info Who is Who Documents Snell Research Center. All About Helmets Frequently Asked Questions Choosing the Right Helmet Helmets Safety Videos Handout and Presentation Materials. Helmet Manufacturers Manufacturer Zone. How to choose the right helmet. Most of traffic accident. Platz 4 im Test/Vergleich: Uvex I-Vo Cc 410423, sehr gut. Platz 5 im Test/Vergleich: Alpina ALTONA M Fahrradhelm, gut. Platz 6 im Test/Vergleich: Uvex Boss Race 4102294, sehr gut. Platz 7 im Test/Vergleich: Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE Helm Signal Yellow 2020, gut Test Race-Helme: 12 leichte Modelle von ABUS Cycling bis uvex cycling auf dem BIKE-Prüfstand. Neue Technologien sollen Race-Helme sicher und leicht gleichermaßen machen. Wir haben einen eigenen Prüfstand entwickelt und suchen den sichersten MTB-Helm für Race- und Marathon-Biker

The standard safety test states that 'cycle helmets are only designed and tested to withstand an impact equivalent to an average weight rider travelling at a speed of 12mph falling onto a. If we look back at the example of a car, modern crash safety tests now include a test which only involves half of the crumple zone because very few real collisions involve a perfect head on impact. Cycle helmet standards also try to follow this principle, hence the impact test against a kerb shaped object 2019 LAZER Century Cycling Helmet Test & Review HD By admin | February 24, 2020 | 10 . 2019 LAZER Century Cycling Helmet Test & Review H

Consumer Reports is rating three bicycle helmets Don't Buy: Safety Risk after those helmets failed our tests designed to assess how well a helmet would protect a rider during a crash A CPSC sticker is excellent assurance of thorough testing to ensure a high level of safety. Care. Cycling helmets are designed to endure one hard impact. Once the helmet has been in a collision, retire it, even if it shows no sign of external damage. If you are unsure, replace it. Six years is a reasonable lifespan for a helmet that's never been in a crash. Don't store your helmet in a hot. Stylish bike helmets, skateboard helmets & MIPS helmets. Cool helmets sustainably designed for urban commuters. Vintage retro helmets for adult men & women CPSC certification: This indicates that a helmet has passed the safety tests of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission but you might also want to choose one that fits your taste and complements the colors of your bike and cycling gear. A brightly colored helmet can help to increase your visibility, too. Did you know? Some road bike helmets can be easily adjusted to accommodate a. Helmets. A combination of technology, unparalleled comfort, lightness, aerodynamics, ventilation and superior protection. Rudy Project helmets are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and technology and certified worldwide in accordance with the strictest safety standards. Sign up for our newsletter

I want to focus the debate on the cause, and campaign for things that will really make cycling safe. That is why I won't promote high-vis and helmets - I won't let the debate be drawn on to. Crash Test Results. The more stars, the better a helmet performed in protecting the wearer from injury in a crash - out of 5. 1 star = Meets AS/NZ 1698 or UNECE 22.05, 2 stars = Average, 3 stars = Above average, 4 stars = Good, 5 stars = Excellent. The more stars, the more comfortable a helmet is to use - out of 5

HELMETS. A combination of technology, unparalleled comfort, lightness, aerodynamics, ventilation and superior protection. Cairbull helmets are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials and technology and certified worldwide in accordance with the strictest safety standards. Categories. ALL HELMETS Here are 11 of the best cycling helmets for women that are protective *and* stylish. By Sophie Cockett. Serial shopper (hence the job), mental health advocate, SUPER foodie and unashamed reality TV obsessive. Friday 22 May 2020. Cycling is experiencing something of a renaissance right now, with bikes going out of stock on retailers like Tredz. Do cycling helmets have a shelf life. Close. 28. Posted by 2 days ago. Do cycling helmets have a shelf life. I had a fairly modest helmet as my first one, and I recently found out that the plastic components attached to the shell that do the job of fitting the helmet to your head has become so soft over time that a little bit of force caused it to just snap off. Now I'm left with a helmet that. Die glatte Oberfläche schneidet durch den Wind, während die beiden großen Luftschlitze die Luft direkt über Deinen Kopf leiten. Ein dritter kleinerer Luftschlitz über den Augenbrauen kontrolliert die Luftzirkulation über dem mittleren Bereich Deines Kopfes. Die Leistungsfähigkeit dieses Hightech-Helms sind bereits durch unsere Profifahrer bestätigt, die den Tithon nutzen

test. Omega Aero helmet for speedskating and cycling - Black - Matt. €179,50. Omega Aero helmet for speedskating and cycling - Red. Article code CMS.06.63. €179,50. in stock . Quickly attach the highest quality visors to your aero helmet with three strong magnets. Suitable for cycling triathlon speed skating. Race-proven VISOR IS SOLD SEPARATELY (FIND COMBI-DEAL BELOW) Read more. Make a. Vitesse Cycling Helmet helmets warranty Description The Vitesse, its name says it all. Do you want to go fast, to win a sprint, to blow the competition out of the water? This is the helmet you need. Our engineers were hard at work to optimize the design through computational fluid dynamics simulations. The design you see is the result of countless iterations to come up with the perfect shape. March 21, 2019 These concussion-preventing bike helmets mimic the brain's protective fluid Cycling just got a little bit more safe thanks to Trek's WaveCel helmet Check Discount. Market Overview, Global Cycling Helmet Market is expected to register a CAGR of 5.35% to reach USD 1,118.7 Million by 2024. Cycling helmets are protective gear worn to protect the head of the cyclist in case of an accident

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